No Fear: Scaling the Xero developer platform

In 2020, I had the opportunity to speak at LaunchDarkly's Trajectory Conference about Xero's feature management journey.

Architecting Xero's wayfinding system

Coordinating UI changes across dozens of web applications

Introducing XOAuth: a command line tool for OpenId

OpenID can be tricky to integrate into a scripted workflow in a shell. XOAuth provides a simple way to interact with OpenId Connect identity providers from your local CLI.

Using Lambda to save bookmarks

My serverless Rube Goldberg machine for automatically publishing interesting links to the bookmarks page

A colophon for

The colophon is a wonderful concept from publication design that's found its way to the internet. This is my website's colophon – giving details of its authorship and printing.

Wedding letterpress

Letterpress and collateral for my wedding

Motivating young voters to get off the fence

On The Fence is a tool for encouraging youth voter participation. We explore how the 2014 incarnation of the project was delivered.

Highlighting the work of the New Zealand Red Cross

Springload redesigned the New Zealand Red Cross website, driving an increase in course bookings and donations

Kiwibank – responsive homepage

As far as we can tell, this was one of the first responsive bank homepages in the world.

onMediaQuery - Responsive JavaScript

onMediaQuery is a neat way to trigger JS when your user's browser changes size

Air New Zealand - In Flight Entertainment

Delivering a better in-flight experience to air new Zealand’s short-haul customers. I crafted these interface visuals for our national airline.

Telecom New Zealand Motion Spot

While at designworks, I animated the new logo for Telecom. It ended up on national television, and as the boot screen for half a million devices. Not bad!


An intervention into physical space, exploring the value of content on the internet

Akzidenz, baby!

A love letter to a very old typeface

Helvetica BBQ

If there's one typeface everyone's got an opinion about, it's Helvetica. I set some Helvetica on fire as a metaphor for a debate about design. Let the sparks fly!