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I'm a UX Engineer, designer, guitarist and live audio engineer, from Wellington, New Zealand. I help companies build scalable, secure web applications and beautiful user experiences.

Stedi API documentation

Technologies react, next.js

Year 2022

stedi Auth

Technologies oauth, cognito

Year 2023

Xero Platform diagram

Year 2020

Architecture explorer

Technologies react

Year 2020

Josh is one of the most resourceful, kind and intelligent people I have ever worked with. He is incredible at optimization and I saw him be promoted for his work in this area (which included being a part of an initiative that saved his company north of a million dollars).

Phil Knezevich Manager, Strategic & Enterprise Customer Success Teams, Teleport

An image of an OAuth2 informed consent screen, with user information visibile

Technologies oauth

Year 2019

Xero Navigation diagram

Technologies react, next.js

Year 2018