Highlighting the work of the New Zealand Red Cross

Springload redesigned the New Zealand Red Cross website, driving an increase in course bookings and donations

Our mission was to raise the awareness of the vital (but often unseen) work of the New Zealand Red Cross. I undertook visual and interaction design duties, and lent a hand with the front-end.


Story Story: Christchurch earthquake

A key feature was the ability to donate directly in-page from any story. It was rewarding to be able to track a user's journey from arriving on the site, to reading an article about one of the Red Cross initiatives, to making a thousand dollar donation.


The Red Cross creates community resiliency through offering training courses, I prototyped and designed the course booking flows:

First aid

The website's been through some iteration since I worked on it, but you can still browse some of our original work on the WayBack Machine.

Visit New Zealand Red Cross (circa 2014)